Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Say Thank You Correctly Using Video

Saying Thank You is important no matter what the gift.  Some charities have made thank you videos to express their gratitude to major donors.  Here are some things to make sure your video gets the job done and isn't boring or confusing.

November 29, 2011, 8:26 pm

Some common mistakes include:

They’re too long. Too often, Mr. Allen found charities “overestimating the attention span of the viewer.” Viewing one 15-minute video, he says, sapped his desire to watch more after a couple of minutes. “The message wasn’t focused,” he complains.

They don’t explain the gift’s impact. “There were lots of people saying thank you, but never indicating for what,” Mr. Allen says. “That one kind of got on my nerves.”

They’re puzzling. Often the people featured weren’t identified by name or title. Not only did Mr. Allen not know who was speaking but also why this person would be speaking on behalf of the organization. It makes them seem impersonal, he says, and “it loses an opportunity to strengthen the message.”

Read the full article by Raymund Flandez HERE 

Here are some great examples of videos done right.

Don't forget to say THANK YOU!

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